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What you're looking for is to see if the values of any of the stamps in the collection jump out at you - significantly higher than the others. If the entire collection consists of "better" stamps, and especially better stamps in a single country or subject, then you'll want to contact a dealer who specializes in that area.

Anyone else is likely to give you less for the collection, so that he or she can make a profit selling it to a specialized dealer.

If there are a few better stamps, but most are mediocre, you may be able to get a dealer to purchase the entire collection, so our advice is not to remove those better stamps, because they make the package more desirable.

Pull all the good stuff out of a collection, and you may be stuck with the remainder.

You can just take all the books and boxes to a local stamp dealer, dump them on the counter, and say, "What will you give me for this?

Stamp dealers who buy and sell at the same price don't remain in business very long.Without you, this experiment would have long failed.Without people like you, we wonder if anything big and positive would ever happen for the world.First, then, visit our Introduction to Stamp Collecting article just so you know a little bit about what you have.If you need more information, visit our Message Board and don't be afraid to ask. Then, separate the material in the collection by country, and separate the covers (envelopes) from the stamps within the countries.

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