Validating equipment

As noted, the main reason for having an audio recorder on hand during an investigation is to record potential EVPs.

This phenomena occasionally is heard when an intelligent being is attempting to communicate with us.

This can come through as a voice, taps, or other audible disturbances.

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As paranormal investigators our goal is to provide undeniable proof of paranormal activity and study means in which to advance our knowledge of what lies beyond our current scope.There is currently no charge for Game Site registration.You will need to arrange with your insurance company for permission for UKARA to contact them by phone to confirm insured status if required.I will below outline the technologies that can be used for the purposes of paranormal investigation and ghost hunting.Keeping in mind that the field of paranormal research is completely theoretical at this point, we can only speculate as to what can be used and provide advice from people who have experimented which each.

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