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Sangraula M, Garbers S, Garth J, Shakibnia EB, Timmons S, Gold MA. Ramos MM, Sebastian RA, Stumbo SP, Mc Grath J, Fairbrother G. Sussman AL, Montoya C, Werder O, Davis S, Wallerstein N, Kong AS. School-based health centers and academic performance: research, challenges, and recommendations. Finding: The presence of a local non-school-based family planning clinic was the strongest correlate of SBHC presence.

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Finding: This schoolwide intervention that included identification of children with asthma, education, family support, and health centeral care using an elementary school-based health center was effective in improving asthma outcomes for children. Reorganizing health care for adolescents: The experience of the school-based adolescent health care program. While no change occurred in school absenteeism, parents reported that their children had less awakening with asthma and that asthma was less disruptive to family plans. Outpatient visits for care in the absence of asthma symptoms doubled and the percentage of students seeing a specialist for asthma increased.Kaplan DW, Brindis CD, Phibbs SL, Melinkovich P, Naylor K, Ahlstrand K. Webber M, Carpiniello K, Oruwariye T, Yungtai L, Burton W, Appel DK. Siruta KJ, Simmer-Beck ML, Ahmed A, Holt LA, Villalpando-Mitchell T, Gadbury-Amyot CC. Amaral G, Geierstanger S, Soleimanpour S, Brindis C. Golden SD, Moracco KE, Feld AL, Turner KL, De Frank JT, Brewer NT. Kong AS, Sussman AL, Yahne C, Skipper BJ, Burge MR, Davis SM. SBHCs with more resources, more students, a longer history, and state funding were more likely to offer services.A comparison study of an elementary school-based health center: effects on health care access and use. Burden of asthma in inner-city elementary schoolchildren: Do school-based health centers make a difference? Extending oral health care services to underserved children through a school-based collaboration: Part 3--a cost analysis. Mental health characteristics and health-seeking behaviors of adolescent school-based health center users and nonusers. Process evaluation of an intervention to increase provision of adolescent vaccines at school health centers. School-based health center intervention improves body mass index in overweight and obese adolescents. Reviewing SBHC characteristics that enable inclusion of mental health services may help stakeholders expand this model of care.

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