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Then they go house hunting because of their trashed house, finding a shabby apartment in another town to live in.They resume the daily regiment by going to school via train.Yubaba made one final test to guess which one of the pigs were their parents.It was a trick and Sam took clear notice that none of them their because Taurtis's mother had a scar on her chin and their father had a saggy left nipple.She is also a freshman at the school, and has just begun a new year and was Taurtis' girlfriend.She later died in a mysterious car crash and was buried behind the school next to Gareth and her spirit can be seen haunting both her house and Yandere High School.Sam runs back home and finds Grian and chases him around town Grian runs to the park and finds Taurtis but he lost his memory Sam goes to the park and thinks Grian is Taurtis and thinks Taurtis is a guy named Jerry they go to school and Jerry (Taurtis) joins. It turns out it is the Yukzu a gang that kills people.So they go around town and go to JTS's House and Rowan Artifex's house.

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The next day they went into the class room and discovered that Gareth had hung himself and their new teacher was Okami Artist.

On prom night Taurtis tries to make Sam not to show up to his date but Sam refuses. After that Sam loses interest in Sir Cutie Yuki and tells her outside school.

Sir Cutie Yuki reacts badly and pulls out a knife and threats Sam to go out with but Sam runs away in shock.

An enraged Yubaba unleashed all her power but Haku transformed into a white dragon and flew them to safety.

Taurtis didn't dare look back on that place again, and he new.

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