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The book excerpt everyone’s talking about today is a hilarious parade of prudery and dated sexual stereotypes — and a whole lot of wishful thinking. “The extremist La Meute (french for “The Wolf Pack”) is a Quebec based anti-immigrant group that has been rapidly growing, both in numbers and in recognition.

Back in 2005, when it was just Jonno and I running Fleshbot and the commercial porn industry hated us for not being one of them (and for being pro-indie, pro-internet, pro-sexpositive culture, pro-queer, pro-woman, pro-Po C, etc), I was the one who compiled,…

“Adult content creators are worried they won’t have a safe, viable income source in Patreon anymore.

The strangest thing was that it should have crept me out but for some reason it…But on Saturday, Kai was on the other side of the pitch as he watched his famous dad Wayne play the Everton v Huddersfield Town match.The youngster joined his pregnant mother Coleen Rooney and his four-year-old brother Klay to cheer on his dad at Goodison Park.The Fiji international appeared shell-shocked as the surrounding fans and fellow cheerleaders looked on in disbelief.Once making sure the two girls were unhurt following the accidental shoulder charge, he dusted himself down and returned to the action.

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