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Further research revealed that the practice persisted in that region from the time of Draupadi.

Bhyrappa recounts how this experience led him to briefly visit several places in North India mentioned in the original Mahabharata.

The novel begins with a conversation in the court of Madra desha.

It was the time when the preparations of war had just begun.

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Parva (Epoch / Age) is a Kannada language novel written by S. The story of the Mahabharata in Parva is narrated in the form of personal reflections of some of the principal characters of the epic.

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Bhyrappa visited most of the places listed in the epic over a period of more than a year. It is a non-mythological retelling of the Mahabharata and is widely acclaimed as a modern classic.Parva is unique in terms of the complete absence of any episode that has the element of divine intervention found in the original.Parva was translated to Tamil as Paruvam and to Telugu and Marathi as Parva, both of which went on to win the Sahitya Akademi's translation award in the year 2004. Raghavendra Rao and named as Parva(A tale of war, peace, love, death, god and man).The novel narrates the story of the Hindu epic Mahabharata mostly using monologue as a literary technique.

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