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The transport index is the number determined by multiplying the maximum radiation level in millisievert (m Sv) per hour at 1 meter (3.3 ft) from the external surface of the package by 100 (equivalent to the maximum radiation level in millirem per hour at 1 meter (3.3 ft)). (1) Natural uranium means uranium (which may be chemically separated) with the naturally occurring distribution of uranium isotopes (approximately 0.711 weight percent uranium-235, and the remainder by weight essentially uranium-238). (iv) Accident reporting—49 CFR part 171: §§ 171.15 and 171.16.

71.6 Information collection requirements: OMB approval. SCO must be in one of two groups with surface activity not exceeding the following limits: (1) SCO-I: A solid object on which: (i) The nonfixed contamination on the accessible surface averaged over 300 cm means the dimensionless number (rounded up to the next tenth) placed on the label of a package, to designate the degree of control to be exercised by the carrier during transportation. (iii) Placarding—49 CFR part 172: subpart F, especially §§ 172.500 through 172.519 and 172.556; and appendices B and C.

"We have signed more legislation than anybody," Trump said. In sheer numbers of bills signed into law during a president's first year in office (Jan. 31), Trump is behind his six most recent predecessors.

According to tallies by Gov Track, Trump also trails Nixon, Kennedy and Eisenhower.

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(2) Depleted uranium means uranium containing less uranium-235 than the naturally occurring distribution of uranium isotopes. (v) Shipping papers and emergency information—49 CFR part 172: subparts C and G.Three White House spokespersons did not respond to a request from NPR to explain which record Trump was referring to, given that he trailed so many of his predecessors in the number of bills signed into law.In any case, tallying laws signed is not necessarily a good way to measure accomplishment. 71.18 [Reserved] 71.19 Previously approved package. 71.21 General license: Use of foreign approved package. 71.23 General license: Plutonium-beryllium special form material. 71.61 Special requirements for Type B packages containing more than 10. means fuel that has been withdrawn from a nuclear reactor following irradiation, has undergone at least 1 year's decay since being used as a source of energy in a power reactor, and has not been chemically separated into its constituent elements by reprocessing. 15, 2017] (a) Each licensee who transports licensed material outside the site of usage, as specified in the NRC license, or where transport is on public highways, or who delivers licensed material to a carrier for transport, shall comply with the applicable requirements of the DOT regulations in 49 CFR parts 107, 171 through 180, and 390 through 397, appropriate to the mode of transport. 71.11 Protection of Safeguards Information 71.12 Specific exemptions. 71.16 [Reserved] 71.17 General license: NRC-approved package. 71.38 Renewal of a certificate of compliance or quality assurance program approval. 71.57 [Reserved] 71.59 Standards for arrays of fissile material packages. 71.75 Qualification of special form radioactive material. 71.81 Applicability of operating controls and procedures. The specific activity of a material in which the radionuclide is essentially uniformly distributed is the radioactivity per unit mass of the material.

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