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In the 1930s, spaghetti sets, corn-on-the-cob sets and deviled-egg plates were introduced. Families wanted turkey plates for Thanksgiving and in 1938 the first dinnerware set decorated with a Christmas tree was sold.Pastels were still popular and stayed that way most of the century.The southwestern look became popular in the 1950s and a lot of mix-and-match dinnerware was purchased during that time. You can also date dinnerware by looking at certain words included in the marks. There are lots of other ways to determine the age of dinnerware, and there have been several books written on the subject. He literally read the entire 1987 World Book Encyclopedia when he was 23 years old.But hopefully you learned something from this page and if you have anything to share please leave it in the comments below. His expertise ranges across the entire spectrum of pop culture.Floral borders carried the torch for classic design, but the solid colors made it easier for people to buy their dinnerware in pieces, with mix-and-match, individual style.1940-1950The forties were a revolutionary decade in many ways and dinnerware was no exception.

This lack of space led to buffet style serving dishes such as casseroles. Grilling outdoors started to gain in popularity, which led to new inventions like tongs.

Dinnerware made between 1900-1920 typically had flower patterns, especially violets. They were generally pastel (again, violet) or had a white background.

The shapes were very traditional and most plates had rims and a shaped edge.1920-1940As houses became smaller, the dining room and dinner table also shrunk.

Dinnertime was much more formal and the dinnerware reflected this accordingly.

During World War I (1914-1918) American families ceased buying German and Japanese dinnerware.

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