Is diggy simmons dating nicolette

Diggy Simmons girlfriend has tweeted on his page and congratulated him for his birthday stating that he is her best friend.Maybe the couple is still too young to get married, but as long as they both are eighteen they can do what they want to.After launching a successful line of sneakers and athletic wear with her line, ‘Pastry,’ Angela has matured and is about to launch her own fashion line that is customized for her fans.I recently spoke to her and I asked her about her line and where she gets her style inspiration. It’s definitely…traveling is important to me when it comes to being inspired. That’s pretty much where I get my inspiration from.” Diggy Simmons is definitely a talent on the rise! He is very single and looking for the one, but on-screen he is dating singer/actress Teyana Taylor!But for Diggy — who raps without using his famous last name — it's the curse that makes the 16-year-old rapper's story interesting.The struggle for Diggy, born Daniel Simmons III, wasn't just the pressure of being born into rap royalty, but also growing up on camera.We may have watched Diggy Simmons and Angela Simmons many years ago on MTV’s ‘Run’s House,’ but the famous siblings have grown up and found fame and success on their own!

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Diggy fought with his brothers, worried about grades, got braces and lived a seemingly normal, son-of-a-millionaire's life.When your father is the "Run" in Run-DMC and your uncle is Def Jam Records co-founder Russell Simmons, it's a gift and a curse to pursue a career in hip-hop.The gift is obvious: unlimited connections, a built-in brand name and hopefully some skills from Dad's DNA.The cameras failed to capture one thing: Diggy's music. Diggy, aware he'd likely be written off as a kid trying to make it off his father's name, didn't tell anyone about the songs he was recording in the family's basement."It wasn't about stardom," said Diggy, who performs Friday at Pier Six Pavilion. You can't get mad when people are going to make up different rumors.

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