Intimidating meaning in urdu

Our digital badge scheme will not require significant firm resources.

We intend to use a low-cost option which still provides a high level of security.

Our digital badges will help consumers understand the protections that apply to firms we regulate.

We will require solicitors in non LSA-regulated firms to explain the regulatory position including the absence of compulsory PII when engaging with clients.

We are currently consulting on linked issues in our other consultation, Looking to the future: phase two of our Handbook reforms Looking to the future: phase two of our Handbook reforms.

That consultation proposes to simplify and streamline rules in our Handbook.

We are proposing to: We are proposing these changes because we want to make sure that people have accurate and relevant information about a solicitor or firm when they are considering purchasing legal services.

This will help members of the public and small businesses make informed choices and improve competition.

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We have already started to make changes with simplified Accounts Rules, Codes of Conduct and SRA Principles, and we consulted on how and where solicitors can practise in phase one.

If so how should any exemption be defined and operate?

Question 4 Do you agree with our proposals to introduce requirements in relation to description, staff, stages and timescales in any legal services where we decide to require price publication?

We will then decide what next steps we need to take.

This consultation is part of our wider Looking to the future programme.

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