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As an older guy just getting back into the sport and from away shout out to the great Mainers who live here.

Shouldn't expect less from a marine and cop combination.To Bud and Bill, thank you for showing me the "Patients of Job" and the guidance.Just so you know what I took away from this class was just how important the proper use of the Front Brake was.I hold a cdl liscence and have all my adult hood life. I would highly recommend them to anyone.thanks to everyone safe.always remember to SEE.see,evaluate,execute.- George w Dunn sr 2016-04-25Great class (March 12). Flexible instructor that had to deal with a very diverse group of students and experience levels.- Les Mc Monagle 2016-03-16I recently took the eight hour permit class and I can honestly say it was very professional but at the same time bud kept it fun. His ability to work with varying skill and knowledge levels simultaneously is commendable.I didn't want to look over my shoulder anymore nor be at fault should an accident ever if it wasn't my fault.though I may have ridden alot I have to say I learned biggest issue was old habbits are hard to is an awsome coarse wether it be for the beginer or someone who has rode many instructors made the class alot more fun and enjoyable then I thought it would be. I really appreciate how he was able to keep the younger guys under control so that the guys that came there to learn could do just that. And a fun, yet professional personality kept the class engaged through out the 8 hr training course.

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