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It works even better if you’re completely financially independent by that point.Gaining your Pleasure through Creation, not Consumption The Elite Daily article builds its case around advancement, networking, and socialization.All good things, to be sure, but also a bit of an illusion.We all like to fantasize about a ,000 raise brought about by drinking the right mixed drinks in the company of the right influential people.

Most motivated young people show up with the same dreams. At best, the advice above will get you some good memories, a strong career, a slightly larger waistline and weaker liver, and a negligible net worth.

You will never feel more motivated and less cynical than you do now.

And you will never have another decade of pre-childraising freedom in your life.

But one of the most interesting articles in recent memory has been making the rounds on social media this month, and it has fired up many Mustachians because it combines just enough spirited and uplifting “Fuck Yeah” insight on the good life, with a well-intentioned but horribly wrong conclusion. With 2.3 million “likes” on Facebook (up from 1.2m last time I checked), it has probably fooled thousands of financially suicidal people into thinking they are not sabotaging their own lives after all.

In fact, I suspect that article has gone viral because it tells people exactly what they want to hear: The article is called “If You Have Savings in Your 20s, You’re Doing Something Wrong.” To be fair, it appeared in Elite Daily, which is somewhat of a notorious clickbait forward-this-to-your-facebook-friends content mill** to begin with.

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