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When we announced the Cancer Moonshot, I knew there would be a lot of skeptics out there who’d say, well, here we go again. ”Why this is important: Politics and tech never had a stronger bond than in this political climate. Why this is important: Winder moves beyond technology, turns users into customers and a tech startup into a brand.

I assume we’ll see more branding efforts and a professionalization with new emerging startups in 2017/18.

This panel was facing the current and next wave of AI: We’re going to finally humanize Artificial Intelligence — Alexa, Siri and Roomba are already branded, and they became personalities that are loved.

The trend to keep the experience with AI and Bots hidden to the enduser will backfire one day.

The role of the relatively new established Design Technologist at Home Away accelerated the digital outcome of the company.

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Why is this Important: Diversity might have finally arrived in 2017.Capital One’s dev team launched four APIs in the last 12 months: Rewards, Credit Offers, Bank Accounts Starter (helps you start a bank account), Consumer Identity services.From the presentation and slides I’ve seen, I can tell that Capital One used Value Proposition Design to find out about consumer’s needs — enabling a high degree of confidence without friction for consumers.An endless queue of people was waiting to collect their wristbands since 7am.Watching the crowd, I could tell that it felt even more important to everyone compared to Obama’s visit in 2016.

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