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I called Andre to let him know I was going to do so. Since I made the same mistake twice, I didn't want to tell my parents. I called Andre at work to let him know the result of the test.

I was supposed to leave work to attend my intro to psychology class, but I left to purchase and take the test instead. He left work immediately after we hung up the phone to meet me at my apartment.

After waiting for roughly fifteen minutes, I went in to an exam room to have my vital signs taken, and then I returned to the waiting room.

Five minutes after that, Andre and I met with the doctor.

From there, I was led into the abortuary suite by the nurse and the doctor's wife.

When the nurse tried was trying to put the IV for sedation in my arm, she had a very difficult time getting the needle into my vein.

My heart kept screaming NO, but my mouth betrayed my heart and out came the solitary word that would change me for the rest of my life--yes.

She had to take me back to the recovery room and wrap my arm in a hot towel to get my veins to surface. I remember asking the doctor's wife, before the nurse successfully put the IV in my arm, if God would forgive me for what I was doing.

When the IV was finally in, I began counting backward from ten, and the next thing I can remember is waking up in recovery crying for my daughter.

I was hurting and there were women who did not know me, but I felt genuine God's love for me. Because of his reservations, we dated off and on for six months.

I was twenty-four years old, a single-working mom, an enlisted member of the Naval Reserve, and a full-time college student when I met my ex-boyfriend, Andre, in October 2000.

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