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O: Just Add Water, which first aired on Network Ten in Australia and has since been broadcast in more than 120 countries worldwide.

Series one premiered in Australia on 7 July 2006 and series two began there on 28 September 2007.

Realising that the pool, which has an underwater tunnel connected to the ocean, is their only way out, the girls step into the water and find themselves bathed in the light of the full moon as it passes over the top of the volcano.

Little do they know, as they swim out of the tunnel and are rescued by the water police, that they have undergone a magical transformation, and their lives will never be the same again.

and gets thrown in the pool by prankster Zane Bennett and his pal Nate, just as Lewis arrives.

Lewis discovers that the girls are mermaids but promises to keep their secret.

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Emma Gilbert (Claire Holt), Cleo Sertori (Phoebe Tonkin) and Rikki Chadwick (Cariba Heine) are three teenage girls who become stranded on the mysterious Mako Island.

She helps the girls understand their own situation and warns them of the dangers involved. Chatham, Zane Bennett (Burgess Abernethy) gets trapped on her sinking houseboat which forces Emma to rush to his aid.

During the rescue, Zane catches a glimpse of her tail and becomes obsessed with finding this "sea monster".

Meanwhile, Emma and Rikki have bad news for Cleo; the fishing boat that caught the turtle in its net was her father's.

Refusing to believe that her father is illegally catching turtles, Cleo swims after his boat to investigate and at last accepts what she is.

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