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( Recent days have witnessed dramatically higher barrel Cheddar prices, compared to 40-lb. This inverted split, coupled with CME cash market prices being lower than USDAs AMS weekly survey prices, sets the table for cash flow challenges to cheese plants that must pay their patrons the Class III (cheese) milk price dictated by USDAs federal milk orders.Writer Nate Wilson is following the failed efforts to re-negotiate terms of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Too few California dairy farmers sent in their ballots on a referendum that proposes shifting the states historic milk quota program into the proposed federal milk order.In our analysis, years of low farm prices for most major U. agricultural commodities will come to a head in 2018, with a crisis of available credit being compounded by continued low prices.

Pete Hardin warns how undue allegiance to exports has caused three agricultural Depressions in the past century, and we may well be working on a fourth. Two current cheese pricing problems are hammering some cheese plants. Kent Weigel about concerns that a variant of bovine milk proteins Kappa Casein E may not allow curd formation in cheese vats as efficiently as milk from dairy cows without the Kappa Casein E gene.At the earliest, that legislation will be considered in late January 2018. Hardin proposes regionalizing feed costs and net milk prices to make MPP-Dairy work properly along with a lot of other overdue changes for federal diary policy.The GENYOUth program is a private, non-profit that receives about million annually from the dairy check-off. In the publics eye, no state is more closely identified with a single food product that Wisconsins link to cheese. We reproduce four excellent graphs tracking dairy product consumption for the past 40 years.This is not an asset but a liability, in the analysis of The Milkweed.Take 5 million off DFAs list of assets, and properly plug it into the liability column and what do you have?

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