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MEL DRAKE, former WDGY Minneapolis manager named NAB station relations direc- tor in mid-August, may not assume post after all. Submitting replies at Friday's deadline were CBS; Westinghouse, General Electric, Na- tional Television Systems Committee, Crosley, Belmont, Stromberg-Carlson, Pilot, Arvin, Gai'od, and John Meek Industries in addition to supplementary brief by Du Mont. These great stations are Spot's ideal proving ground 488 MADISON AVE. 4 Page 10 • October 2, 1950 BROADCASTING • Telecasting beat 5 ^ J Gardner, L. Y MARY LOUISE CAMPBELL to account executive Ruse & Urban Inc., Detroit.

NAB hasn't yet announced what's to be done finally about vacancy created in July when B. CBS supported bracket standards concept, based on assumption that costs will not be substantially greater than earlier estimates for internal "two point" adaptation. NEW YORK CITY 22 MU 8-0200 CHICAGO • LOS ANGELES DETROIT • ST. ALVIN BAKER, in charge of Hollywood office Dancer-Fitzgerald-Sam- ple, with firm since Aug. A., until recent closing of that office, to Erwin, Wasey copy staff.

Walter Huffington suffered fatal heart (Continued on page 9i) Oct. But it was made clear that CBS cannot confirm ac- curacy of this assumption, and that "what- ever the desirability of the concept of bracket standards, excessive costs could nevertheless preclude their utilization." Page 4 October 2, 1950 Filed Attorney Richard S. LOUIS • DALLAS SAN FRANCISCO • ATLANTA ROADCASTING • Telecasting October 2, 1950 • Page 9 Outlet for The Columbia Broadcasting System # # # H agency ERBERT CLAASSEN, Compton Agency, N. 8, 1937, and GILBERT NUNNS, with Toronto office since May 1945, named vice presidents. COURTNEY BAXTER, WSCR Scranton, Pa., announcer, to Hoffman- Baxter Adv., same city, as partner and radio director.

Salant, of Rosen- man, Goldmark, Colin & Kaye, CBS comments said apparently many manufacturers feel unable to meet FCC's brackets deadline — in which case, FCC was told, color report "requires the immediate adoption" of CBS system. compact, economy is stabilized, industry diversified and rates are reasonable.

Y., appointed chairman of advertising division of 1950 fund appeal for Travelers Aid Society of N.

Ltd., Windsor, opens office at London, Ont., with EUGENE A.

This antenna radiates 400 kw effective radiated power and is driven by a new 50 kw FM transmitter. Since FCC has no licensee control over manufacturers, presumably they would engage in color set production only if there's "public demand." Telecasters thereby would be faced with new economic problem of substantial proportions, say those despondent respondents. 2) starts intercon- nected network service to approximately 240 stations throughout the country [BROADCAST- ING, Sept. Approximately IOV2 hours of programming per day will be fed to affiliates by LBS, headed by Barton R. Orr Assoc., New York, to handle its advertising effective Jan. 'RED PURGE' PROBLEM DISCUSSED AT CONFERENCE ALL-INDUSTRY conference held in New York Friday under auspices of AFRA to discuss future policy of radio-TV and advertisers relating to dismissal of "controversial" per- sonalities from network shows [Broadcasting, Sept. Sessions attended by representa- tives of ANA, AAAA and networks. Inc Executive, Editorial, Advertising and Circulation Offices: 870 National Press Bldg. July Network Gross Tops That of '49 Weiss Resigns from Don Lee Watch Firms Open Seasonal Drive Strotz Resigns NBC Post Radio Made the Difference for Lapp & Royce Radio Bills Pend as Cona ress Recesses U. Clears Focal Point in NARBA Jockeying Richards' Witnesses Pass 100 Mark Action on Manpower Urged by Dist. Worth/ ABC KSO Des Moines CBS WJR Detroit CBS KARM Fresno ABC KPRC Houston NBC WDAF Kansas City NBC KFOR Lincoln ABC KARK Little Rock NBC KFI Los Angeles NBC WHAS Louisville CBS WTMJ Milwaukee NBC KSTP Mpls.-St. LOWE, radio-TV producer and director, Erwin, Wasey & Co. For the every do Uor yoo sp ^^^^^ yo- , less cost per -.n^- BIG station at less pression. The play was the thing with Mildred L r a i n e Dudley from the time she starred in a second grade "Mother Goose" production back in Villa Grove until a few years ago, dur- ing the recent World War, when she lost in a photo-finish for the part of "Rose" in the soap opera. Her failure to win this starring role in radio caused Mildred to turn her back on a talent career for all time, but her decision marked a gain for busi- ness. Mc ELMOYL to media director Morey, Humm & Johnstone Inc., N. DAVIS 501-514 Munsey Bldg.— STerling 0111 Washington 4, D. 26 Years' Experience in Radio Engineering MUNSEY BLDG. Weitere Informationen zu unseren Cookies und dazu, wie du die Kontrolle darüber behältst, findest du hier: Cookie-Richtlinie.Scanned from the collections of The Library of Congress Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation gov/avconservation Motion Picture and Television Reading Room gov/rr/mopic Recorded Sound Reference Center gov/rr/record FE8 14 ttl OCTOBER 2, 1950 ' BROADCASTI TELECASTING NEW ANTENNA MAKES WHO A FAR BEHER BUY THAN EVER! Find out if your account is listed by PULSE in the "DON'T KNOW" column in Boston radio. Member of the Mutual Broadcasting System 21 BROOKLINE AVENUE, BOSTON 15, MASS. Entered as second class matter March 14, 1933, at Post Office at Washington, D. BROADCASTING TELECASTING q^;; Jq^ Business Briefly TALK OF revival of Cooperative Analysis of Broadcasting, or an enlarged version of it, was heard around convention of Assn. Such an organization, supported by broadcast- ers, agencies and advertisers, it was argued, could result in important savings for all, since more than dozen different radio and TV re- search and measurement services now are in operation for which advertisers contend they pay in final analysis. Only a little more than half of a steer is beef, and only 8% of it is sirloin steak.

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